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  • While using ADSI Edit I notice that AttributeSchema classes do not show the objectclasscategory but the classSchema does. I loaded the AD Schema snap-in and looked at the classes and saw that objectclasscategory is listed as mandatory for classSchema but AttributeSchema does not have it listed at all.

    How can I add the objectclasscatagory to the attributeschema class?

    **Note** I tried using the Add button for optional and it told me the change was rejected by the schema master server. I am an enterprise and schema admin.

    I need to find the following classes for the attributes below but the objectclasscatagory is not visible in the properties.

    1. objectSID:
    2. userCert:
    3. sn:
    4. memberOf:

    Wednesday, April 12, 2017 8:45 PM


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