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  • Hi , I'm MUHAMMAD Junaid .. 

    I want to develop a web application software that works for university final year student's project management and automate the whole process .. AS MY SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GRADUATION DEGREE FINAL PROJECT
    As every university has [ ITS OWN ] procedure to follow for students of final year doing their final year software project for obtaining their bachelor  degree program in Software and Computer engineering. This Process must be automated.
    As their exist no universal process and every university has its own need and requirements and methods
    I want to develop it in such a way that it can to accommodated for any Institutional Software Projects management by desired customization by the end users
    I want its interface design i.e Fully Editable and Customizable by the end user for ease and productivity .. I want to show data in Editable Customizable and adjustable tabular format so the data owner can allow to do most of it work by double click the object (ex Column name etc etc )on Run time
    For example
    Our University has 1 projects coordinator that is head of all final year project students(group or individuals) that are enrolled in project... under him their exist multiple project supervisors (each assigned to 1 final year project student group )
    Student groups has a relation with their project supervisor who assist and assign task and keeping record of all activities regarding software project  throughout the year and report Project Coordinator when needed and accommodate changes when requested
    also Student groups has an indirect relation with Projects Coordinator via their project supervisors 
    The web application software should have different views
    *Projects Coordinator view
    *Project Supervisor view
    *Each Student and Student Groups has Its own View( its web page)
    *Guest view (for example if we planed to OpenSource the code and documentation as it is on internet any 1 on internet can view projects and download different data like task/milestone submitted by different groups throughout the year along with documentation in a step wise timely divided manner 
    *each project Supervisor can assign task online to their assigned group also can view other group activities
    *Each student groups has to upload each development task/assignment (e.g documentation+design+implementation) given by their supervisors online in defined file format (ppt html .doc testing and design etc ) on time and supervisor can share information regarding this to projects coordinator also with other projects groups
    *each group member can communicate and share within their group also by other group members registered in other projects via group or individual chat and instant messaging and private messages (may require add to contact )
    *different Student projects group can communicate with other group as a whole group or individual chat like in Facebook
    *students create a personal profile that can include a picture, helping connect students socially
    *project coordinator can view groups and their supervisors LOGS
    *supervisors can view their assigned student groups LOGS 
    *Interface Should be customizable and manageable and editable (by Project supervisors and project coordinator) and task tractability can be shown on table for each group's view according to time and corresponding details and submission  data + Remarks
    *Project coordinator , group supervisor and Students(individuals or groups ) can use
        Calender[Alarm -Remainder] 
        Instant messaging
        Group and Individual Chat
        News and Events
        Task evaluation and Grading
        mobile access*
        offline application* (new HTML 5 feature webpage can work offline if internet is not available )
        Enroll groups and Students in groups assign and approve supervisor 
        Coordinator and Supervisor can crate Questions that require students suggestions (time management issue)
    and many other features that support all these and generic dynamic management issues
    also for example if any other university/institute want to deploy it for their student of Software Engineering and Computer Science Development project so their organizational hierarchy can be manageable in interface and facilitated by project management tools/features for efficiency in workflow management 


    Please suggest me appropriate
     platform solution Client end server end ,web Technologies (JavaScript ,php ,asp , jsp , otheres ) please refer me suggest me change if I'm going on wrong path

    what methodology I have to use ..
    What advancement can be done to make it more efficient

    If you cant help me as its not your relevant domain please refer me a person that will freely help me

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011 5:47 AM


  • Post your query on a relevant Forum this forum is specific to MS Project.
    Sapna S
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