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  • Hi,

      I have been trying to find a solution to this reporting issue.

    We have loads of servers and each server has loads of shares.

    I need to get a report that has ONE row for each server where:

    If the server has a share called "WINDIST" then display in the "Path" column the path of the share.

    If the server does not have a share called "WINDIST" then display a blank in the "Path" column.

    The closest my query gets is to return two rows for every server that has a "WINDIST" share. That is by using a select distinct with a case statement to populate the path column. As servers with the "WINDIST" share also have other shares is why i end up with a duplicate row.

    Any hints on what sql query feature i could use to achieve my goal please?


    David Z

    Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:52 PM


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  • Can you post the query that you have now and we can help you fix it.


    Friday, February 24, 2012 12:32 AM
  • Thanks - Here it is:

    SELECT Distinct v_R_System.Name0, v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK.FreeSpace0, v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK.Size0,WINDIST =
    FROM v_R_System inner join v_GS_SERVICE on v_R_System.ResourceID = v_GS_SERVICE.ResourceID
    inner join v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK on  v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK.ResourceID = v_R_System.ResourceID
    inner join v_GS_SHARE on  v_GS_SHARE.ResourceID = v_R_System.ResourceID
    Where v_GS_SERVICE.DisplayName0 LIKE '%Windows Deployment Services%'
    AND v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK.Name0 = 'D:'
    ORDER BY v_R_System.Name0


    David Z

    Friday, February 24, 2012 1:04 AM
  • Try this.. http://tinyurl.com/76wald3


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    Friday, February 24, 2012 2:12 AM
  • Sir - you are a genius. Now all I have to do is understand what you've done!


    David Z

    Friday, February 24, 2012 2:55 AM
  • I wouldn’t say genius but I have done a few queries / reports. I can help you out with report tricks for that. :-) 

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    Friday, February 24, 2012 3:09 AM
  • Given that we all have to use SRS for 2012 then it would be good to get some tutorials...sadly 11am PST is not the best time in melbourne....
    Friday, February 24, 2012 3:43 AM
  • I'm sure it will be record and with any luck you can download it from iTune too.


    Friday, February 24, 2012 4:15 AM