Nokia 950 RM Microsoft Mobile Phone: Problem being heard on calls! RRS feed

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  • I got a Nokia 950 RM Microsoft Mobile Phone from Walmart.com. They have a vender, "Incredible Cellular" that sold the phone through Walmart.com. It was not advertised as 'used' but it likely is. When I received it and made outgoing calls people notified me that they couldn't hear me. My voice sounded muffled and faint and they couldn't understand me.

    I didn't think turning up the volume on my phone would help, but I did this just to be sure and it didn't work. Next, I switched to 'speaker' which helped some, but people then said I was 'fading in and out' and part of what I said was being cut off.

    Also, my calls suddenly get disconnected. I am using AT and T "Go Phone" basic plan without data...I do have WiFi at home but don't use it with the phone. When  I used my previous phone, a Microsoft Lumia 640, I also used the same phone plan and rarely had dropped calls.

    The USB connector cable was the wrong size for the phone. It did come in a new looking Windows Phone Lumia 950 box, but it did have a 'protector shield put over the screen that didn't look like it came 'from the factory' so I am presuming this is a used phone, even though the site didn't indicate this.  Is there any way to tell for sure if this phone is new or used?

    I welcome any suggestions on improving the call quality on my phone so people can actually understand me!

    Also, when I  tried to do a video, the video would 'freeze' for a second before continuing at different points, creating a little 'blip' at different times on the video. I noticed this happened when my battery was about 80 percent discharged.  Is this a 'known' problem?

    Finally, the 'vendor' only has a 30 day warranty on this phone. How can I tell if there is also any Microsoft warranty of any kind on it?

    Thanks for any info you can provide! The 640 was a SUPER great phone for the price and I am hoping that I can get this one to work also! 

    Thursday, June 8, 2017 4:54 AM