Windows 10 peer to peer networking lost on reboots


  • This has been really annoying for a long time. I thought I would finally take some time to see if there is a fix or if this is just a strange windows 10 thing. I work in a small engineering office. We have about 5 windows 10 machines that all all networked together via simple peer to peer networking just for file sharing. All the computers are wide opened sharing so we can move files from drive to drive. Simple! least should be. Always was simple until Windows 10 came along.

    So the problem we have is when one machine has to reboot, the other machines can no longer see the machine that rebooted on the network. The only way to see the computer again is to reboot all the other machines and then we can all see each other on the network again. This works both ways. If anyone reboots the others will have to reboot again to see the initial computer that had to reboot on the network. Often times we have to reboot twice before we can see the other computers on the network.

    All drives are fully shared.  This makes no sense and is quite irritating.  Any simple fixes for this?

    Anyone's help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    So to recap:  5 windows 10 machines with simple peer to peer private network sharing, if (1) of the (5) machines does a reboot, the other (4) can no longer see on network until a reboot is performed, sometimes (2) reboots are needed to see the initial rebooted machine on the network.


    Friday, December 1, 2017 1:55 PM

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  • Seen lots of threads with issue with the Network part of Windows Explorer being temperamental, so looks like you are seeing that as well. No one fix for that afaik.

    As a work-around can you create a folder on the desktop called Shares, then in there save shortcuts to the shares on the other PCs. They should still work even when the PCs not showing Network.

    Create the shortcuts by when you can connect the shares copy the path the explorer bar of File Explorer and create new shortcuts in the Shares folder to each share (try another work-around)

    Sunday, December 3, 2017 4:41 PM