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    Do you have a cool script developed, you want to share it with the community – but you don’t know how?
    The goal of this post is to give you an answer to this question.

    Posting a script on the forum consists of three steps:

    1. Determine the size of your script
    2. Write the FIM ScriptBox post
    3. Post the script

    The following sections provide more details about these steps.

    Determining the size of your script

    On this forum, scripts are tracked in the FIM ScriptBox.
    The FIM ScriptBox contains different types of scripts – from a few lines of script code to scripts that consists of multiple files.

    If your script is not too big, you can post is as inline script.
    An inline script is a script that is embedded in a forum post.
    Here is an example for an inline script.

    If your script is relatively long - or does even consist of several files, your source files should be stored in the MSDN Code Gallery.
    You can get your source files uploaded by sending an email to the FIMExperts.
    This article refers to a script that is based on files in the MSDN Code Gallery as MSDN script.

    Writing a FIM ScriptBox post

    A FIM ScriptBox post is your way of sharing your script with the community.
    The best way to develop this post is to write it offline with a HTML editor such as Expression Web.

    There are some templates available in the FIM Experts Templates Folder.

    Writing a MSDN script post

    Writing a MSDN script post is very simple.
    Just download the related template, and make apply the few modifications to it.
    The modifications include an update of the description and the link to your file(s) on the MSDN Code Gallery.

    Writing an inline script

    Writing an inline script requires a it more work - but is not too difficult.
    The first step is to download the related template.
    Update the template according to your description and you are good to go.
    Your actual script code is embedded in the following pre tag:

    <pre style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #e6e6e6; FONT-FAMILY: 'Courier New'; FONT-SIZE: 11px">Add your script code here</pre>

    Posting a script

    To post a script, you need to define a title.
    If your script code is written in PowerShell, your title should start with "Using PowerShell to",

    If you want to get an impression of how your actual post looks like on the forum, you can post to the staging site.

      note Note
      You can test your post by posting to http://ctp.social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ilm2/threads.


    To post your script, you perform the following steps:

    1. To get to the forum editor, on the forum portal page, click Ask a question.
    2. Click start a discussion.
    3. In the Title textbox, type your title.

    4.  To open the HTML Source Editor, click the HTML button in the toolbar.

    5. Paste your HTML source code into the source editor textbox.

    6. To close the HTML Source Editor, click Update.
    7. To submit your post, click Submit.


    If something goes wrong, send an email to FIMExperts.


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    Markus Vilcinskas, Knowledge Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
    Sunday, June 6, 2010 1:20 PM