SCM 3.0 - Why does Exporting to GPO Backup and Importing back the same LocalGPO alter the settings so drastically ? RRS feed

  • Question

  • What I did:

    Specialize a Win 7 computer Baseline (Baseline A)
    Export the duplicated baseline to the GPO Backup Folder.
    Use this the exported GPO Backup within a MDT task Sequence
    Create a new computer with this task Sequence. It completes successfully.
    Export with LOCALGPO Tool the Baseline (BaseLine B
    Compare to the Windows 7 SP1 Baseline copy - (Baseline B).

    Result (see pictures):

        Total unique settings compared: 317
        Total settings in common: 205
        Total settings not in common: 112

    Settings that differ (15): Just one exemple:

    I ask for "Audit System events" Success and Failure (Baseline A) and the result is NoAuditing. Strange isn't it?

    Settings that match (190): Cool.

    Settings only in  Baseline A (57) Just a comment:

    There are a lot of settings with the value: No one. Are these values correctly exported and correctly positioned on the new computer?

    Settings only in baseline B (55) Just a comment:

    There are a lot of characters badly recognized. I think there is a problem with French Language.

    How can I trust SCM with so many errors? What can I do to correct these errors?

    I use Security Compliance Manager with settingLibrary Version 2.0.82001

    Thursday, October 23, 2014 12:42 PM