Unable to send emails to hotmail/outlook or live email accounts RRS feed

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  • Hi, All this is my first post and thanks to everyone in advanced for reading and hopefully helping me, apologies from now if I have missed any information or details in order to get help Once again thank you, everyone, time to read my post to help. 

    Recently we have discovered that any emails sent to @hotmail/@live/@outlook are not getting through to the recipients, checked IP address to see if there is a block on Spamhaus there was a ban which has been lifted. 

    All emails sent to external contacts works fine without any issues, apart from hotmail/live/outlook.

    raised this with Microsoft and received the following :

    "Not qualified for mitigation
    Our investigation has determined that the above IP(s) do not qualify for mitigation"

    also received the following email from Microsoft;

    My name is Isaac and I work with the Outlook.com Deliverability Support Team.
    We have reviewed your IP( and determined that messages are being filtered based on the recommendations of the SmartScreen® Filter.
    Email filtering is based on many factors, but primarily it's due to mail content and recipient interaction with that mail. Because of the proprietary nature of SmartScreen® and because SmartScreen® Filter technology is always adapting and learning more about what is and isn't unwanted mail, it is not possible for us to offer specific advice about improving your mail content. However, in general SmartScreen® Filter evaluates specific words or characteristics from each e-mail message and weights them, based on their likelihood to indicate that a message is unwanted or legitimate mail. 
    Unfortunately, after reviewing the information you provided and in compliance with our mail policies, we are unable to offer immediate mitigation for your deliverability issue. However, we have some specific recommendations for you to consider that can help you to improve deliverability over time.
    Here are some specific recommendations for you to consider:
    Brand your mail
    Ensure mails are cleanly formatted and clearly identifiable as originating from your service."

    I have checked PTR Records with ISP and they said they can't see why this is happening as my IP is pointing to mail.domain .com

    SoI have performed a test on mailtester.com and got the following report saying

    You're not fully authenticated

    says message not signed with DIKM

    also don't have a DMARK record

    and Reverse DNS does not match with your sending domain

    So I thought I'd start with the Reverse DNS not matching, and this has got me slightly confused 

    the report is giving the following result :

    Your IP address is associated with the domain mail.mksaccountants.co.uk.
    Nevertheless your message appears to be sent from MKS-EXCH01.mksaccountants.local.

    You may want to change your pointer (PTR type) DNS record and the host name of your server to the same value.

    Here are the tested values for this check:
    IP: MKS-EXCH01.mksaccountants.localrDNS: mail.mksaccountants.co.uk

    I have an Exchange 2016 server 

    hope I have given enough info and thank you in advanced to everyone 

    Tuesday, July 14, 2020 5:45 PM

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