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    I used the following command line to install ISA Server 2006 Standard, but the command line installation failed to import the .xml configuration file. After installed the ISA Server, I can manually import this .xml from UI. So xml configuration file itself should not be a problem. I think the setup can not import the file. How could I import a xml configuration file from the command line? Need help!!!





    The command line is like

    Start /wait C:\ISA_2006_Std\FPC\setup.exe /v" /qb FULLPATHANSWERFILE=\"C:\ISA_2006.ini\""  


    And the ISA2006.ini looks like:

    ;; This file is a sample answer file to be used during unattended installation.
    ;; To perform an unattended installation, copy this file, modify it with the required settings,
    ;; and run the file from the command line. For example: <cd>\FPC\setup.exe /v"/qb FULLPATHANSWERFILE=\"c:\msisaund.ini\""

    [Setup Property Assignment]

    ;; PIDKEY specifies the product key. This is the 25-character number located on the back of the ISA Server CD-ROM case.

    ;; INTERNALNETRANGES specifies the range of IP addresses in the Internal network.
    ;; At least one IP address must be specified, or unattended setup will fail.
    ;; The syntax is: N From1-To1,From2-To2, ... FromN-ToN
    ;; Where N is the number of ranges, and FromI an ToI are the starting and ending addresses in each range.

    ;; SUPPORT_EARLIER_CLIENTS allows Firewall clients running earlier version of the Firewall client software to connect to ISA Server.
    ;; By default, these clients are blocked. When upgrading from ISA2000, the default is that these clients are allowed.
    ;; To allow these clients to connect to ISA Server, set SUPPORT_EARLIER_CLIENTS to 1.

    ;; INSTALLDIR specifies the product installation directory.
    ;; The default installation folder is %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft ISA Server.
    ;INSTALLDIR=C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server

    ;; COMPANYNAME specifies the name of the company installing the product.
    ;COMPANYNAME=Microsoft Corporation

    ;; DONOTDELLOGS should be set to 1 if log files should not be deleted.
    ;; If not specified, the default setting (0) is used, and log files are deleted.

    ;; DONOTDELCACHE should set to 1 if cache files should not be deleted.
    ;; If not specified, the default setting (0) is used, and cache files are deleted.

    ;; ADDLOCAL specifies a list of features, delimited by commas, that will be installed on the computer.
    ;; The following features can be installed using ADDLOCAL: MSFirewall_Management, MSFirewall_Services, MSDE.
    ;; To install all features on the computer, use ADDLOCAL=ALL.
    ;; If you do not specify ADDLOCAL, the following features are installed by default: MSFirewall_Management, MSFirewall_Services, MSDE.
    ;; In the example below, MSDE is not installed.

    ;; REMOVE specifies is a list of features, delimited by commas, that will be removed during reinstall.
    ;; The following features can be removed using REMOVE: MSFirewall_Management, MSFirewall_Services, MSDE.
    ;; Note that if you use REMOVE=ALL, the installer removes all features.

    ;; IMPORT_CONFIG_FILE specifies the full path to the configuration file for import.
    ;; This configuration file should be an XML file generated by the ISA Server export feature or migration tool.
    ;; For more information, see import and export information in ISA Server help.
    ;IMPORT_CONFIG_FILE=c:\My Config Files\My_Isa_Config.xml

    Friday, July 27, 2007 12:21 AM

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