Default owner of roaming profile folders RRS feed

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  • When adding a new user to the Active Directory today I noticed that nearly every roaming profile folder (which gets created automatically upon a new user's first logon) has the respective user as owner. However, this is not the case with profiles of Domain Admins: For their folders the owner is {HOST_NAME_OF_FILE_SERVER}\Administrators. For one Domain Admin user that had first logged on before it was added to the Domain Admin Group, the first profile folder (.V2 suffix) has the user itself as the owner. Later when he was added the Domain Admin group and logged on using a Windows 8 and 10 client, the profile folders ending in .V4 and .V6 were created and those had {HOST_NAME_OF_FILE_SERVER}\Administrators as the owner. The .V2-folder kept the user itself as the owner, though. Is there a reason why the ownership is being set differently for profile folders of Domain Admins and that it isn't changed when a user becomes Domain Admin later on?
    Wednesday, January 30, 2019 6:24 PM