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  • Hi, I have copied some rows of data into my existing enterprise project plan from a NON enterprise master project and it's constituent sub projects.  I then decided I did not want this information in my enterprise project plan.  I deleted all of the rows that I had copied in.   I now cannot save my enterprise project because it says I still have non enterprise sub project data in it! There are no sub-project icons in the indicators column.  There is no reference to a sub-project in the sub-project column.   On switching to the resource usage view I can see that certain resource assignments from the non enterprise sub project plan are visible.  I have deleted as many of these as possible but cannot delete all of them.  Project is telling me these resources are subject to protected actuals.  The resources in question are not enterprise resources; they came from a non enterprise sub project plan.  How did they get to a state of being deemed to be locked?  There is no work or actual work assigned against them.   My problem is I need to kill off this residual sub-project data so I can save my plan.   Any ideas on what the issue and resolution is for this scenario?

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    Friday, April 8, 2016 10:42 AM

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  • Hi Steve,

    If you can see the assignments then it feels like the tasks from the sub project are still there.  From your description you cannot save - but it feels like at some earlier point you did save - otherwise I can't see how these resources would be considered to have protected actuals.

    You may need to turn off protected actuals - but this is a serious step - please review first to be sure you understand what can happen with this unchecked.

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    Friday, April 15, 2016 9:29 PM