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  • Like some others, I have used the tookit and all its predecessors back to the Gates toolkit.  I am having a problem that is about to drive me to the funny farm.  Previous to SteadyState, if I wanted to add a shortcut to the desktop of the protected user, all I would have to do is to add it to the C:\documents and settings\user.orig\desktop folder.  I would then log in to the user and all would be well.  Now, with all my computers that are running SS, it does not matter where I add the shortcut, SS will not retain it after a restart of the system.  The shortcut just goes away.


    Secondarily, when I unlock the profile, I lose ALL my desktop icons, including the ability to logoff the machine!  I have to go into the Windows directory and find the logoff program to log the machine off.  I downloaded UPHClean and installed it and it helped with the second problem, but it is still not retaining the shortcut across reboots.


    I don't use Windows Disk Protection.


    I certainly hope this is a bug and not a "feature" as I really don't want to have to keep uninstalling the user, reinstalling, and then setting up everything on the desktop and in the programs each time I want to add a new shortcut.


    Can you give me an idea on how to fix this please?



    Wendell Gragg

    Automation Coordinator

    Bryan Public Library

    Bryan, TX.


    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 3:44 PM



    Hi Wendell,


    Thanks for posting here!


    From the post, I understand that those desktop shortcuts cannot retain after restarting the computer and Windows Disk Protection is not turned on.


    Wendell, in order to check if the issue is caused by SteadyState or other system factors, I suggest we first disable all restrictions in SteadyState:


    1)      Disable the restrictions in "Global Computer Settings", "Set Computer Restrictions".

    2)      Turn off "Protect the Hard Disk".

    3)      Unlock all users in "User Settings".

    4)      Cancel all the restrictions in each user.  

    5)      Restart the computer.


    Let's check if the issue occurs.


    Best regards,

    Friday, April 11, 2008 5:54 AM