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  • Hi There,

    I have been going through the process of upgrading my 4.2 Packages to 4.5 packages (as well as updating the deployment hostname as they were previously hardcoded to a servername) and have come across one app that is causing a few issues.

    The application uses 16bit DLLs to access a database, which are in the VFS in the %windows%\system directory.  Under 4.2 they worked fine.  Upon upgrading the package I keep getting an application error which the software documentation points to wrong DLL versions or a missing DLL.

    I have tried to resequence the installation ensuring the DLLs and ini files are included in the VFS.

    I have tried setting the <VM VALUE="Win32">  and <VM VALUE="Win16">  however this does not seem to make any difference.

    Within the 4.5 package OSD i have used the "Application Virtualization SFTInfo" tool to export the XLM of the SFT package.  I have been able to locate the 2 files that it needs:

            <FileType>1 : READONLY</FileType>
            <DateCreated>09/24/09 08:58:36</DateCreated>
            <DateModified>01/27/09 17:12:03</DateModified>
            <DateAccessed>09/24/09 08:58:36</DateAccessed>

            <FileType>1 : READONLY</FileType>
            <DateCreated>09/24/09 08:55:30</DateCreated>
            <DateModified>01/12/96 01:00:00</DateModified>
            <DateAccessed>09/24/09 08:58:36</DateAccessed>

    Doing a manual install of the same application (not via APPV), the 16bit DLLs work fine.  I want to avoid this if i can.

    I've been working on this for the past couple days and its been driving me loopy!  I have not been able to find too many other solutions through this forums or google etc.

    any help or other suggestions would be awesome.

    Thanks in advanced

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  • Hello

    Hav eyou made progress on this, or are you still having issues?

    Dan Bernhardt [MSFT]
    Tuesday, October 27, 2009 4:51 PM