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  • What’s the permission error exactly and which account are you using? My understanding is that you are copying files between two domains in a cross forest trust.  The account you're using should have permissions in both domains.  Try give each domain admin control of the opposite domain. Then add each domain admin to the group that has full control over the folder containing the files you are copying. Then, try use domain admin to copy files again.

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    Friday, June 28, 2013 2:56 AM
  • thank you the reply.

    when I test the system is use administrator account from server1 (read) to server2(create and write). The VPN is use Cisco Site to Site.

    I copy a small file is fine but some time is failure and the test result raise many unknow issue

    First, server1 and server2 both is Windows Server 2008 r2 English Edition with 2 ways forest trust.

    Our files name contain S-Chinese and T-Chinese character

    On Server2(create and write) test folder with administrator,everyone and  grant the server1 trust domain gobal group full control

    Copy multi files under total under 10K is success

    Copy a multi or single files under or equal 80K is success

    Copy a multi or single files over 80K is failure

    Copy multi files above 320K is success

    Copy 1 file over 700K is success

    Everytime has the error and we skip it the Server2 VPN end is not drop, we click the file has respond immediately

    I am not sure neeed any tuning run on the Server OS.

    When has the error will show the message "You need permission to perform this action.

    But the testfolder is same share folder which success copy multi files under 10K on before.



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