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  • What is an efficient method to pinpoint what is taking up RAM?

    And if there isn't one, can a tool be enhanced or added to do so.
    And if the Windows kernel isn't designed to allow it, can the kernel be enhanced.

    What initially prompted this question is trying to startup a 2nd VM and failing due to insufficient memory.  Both VMs are configured for up to 3 GB with dynamic memory enabled.  Computer has 16 GB.  Here's what I tried, after a bit of research:

    The following all show much less than 4 GB total when manually (!!) summing up memory used by all processes

    • Task manager, Processes tab, Memory column
    • Task manager, Details tab, Working Set and Shared Memory columns
    • VMMap, Working Set column
    • Process Explorer, Working Set column (shows 300 MB Memory Compression process that the above don't)
    • Resource Monitor, Memory tab, Working Set column (also shows Memory Compression; physical memory is one big mostly green bar)

    Although VMMap can show more details for a process, it isn't useable to investigate unknown memory hogs:  there is nothing in the process selection list to hint which one might be the culprit, and there are at least several dozen processes.

    Also tried a 3rd party utility, DriverView.

    RAM Map has been the most useful so far in showing a bit more details on how all of physical memory is used, and specifically, showing that about 11 GB of RAM is driver-locked.  However, there are no details as to allocation of driver-locked memory.  The one tab, Physical Pages, with maybe some added details, shows driver-locked pages one at a time with no extra details.

    Identifying resource hogs is such a basic task for effectively administrating a computer, there must be a way I'm not seeing.


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