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  • Hi,

    I am using a user defined date attribute in the FIM portal to track when to permanently remove users from our AD ~90 days.  When a users leaves the employ of the company I move the account to a 'Exits' folder and write the date and time to a RemovalDate attribute on the user object.  After 90 days of removal the user is removed from the AD.  This attribute only exists in the FIM portal and will hence only work for users deprovisioned through the HR process.

    But sometimes users are moved manually to the Exits OU which is also valid in our environment, in this case the RemovalDate attribute in the FIM portal will not contain a value.  I want to create a Set based on the users in the FIM portal who are in the Exits OU and have no RemovalDate value, and add one.  Because the attribute needs to be a date value, the only operations allowed is 'prior' and 'after'.

    I also tried modifying the XPath filer but this fails. I must say that my XPath knowledge is also not good :-).

    Should it be possible to test for empty date value in Set?  and how if it is possible?

    Any help is much appreciated.



    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 11:32 AM


  • To make a set for an empty value use this:

    /Person[AccountName != '_$$$_'] and then do an opposite set whose members aren't in that one....

    So that would be AccountName is present by Xpath...then another set called AccountName is not present includes those not in AccountName is present.

    substitute your removaldate attribute...

    I'm assuming here that you have exposed OU location data to FIM and therefore alreay have a set or can make one that says users that are in Exits OU.

    The Xpath above will have to be edited in Extended attributes and will not show in the filter builder.

    Another way...depending on what version you are on is a set using FilterBuilder that says.....Users - All - removalDate is %....that would be those that have a date...then an opposite set whose members aren't in that one.

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