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  • Dear Expert,

    I setup AD RMS Server and Client in my test lab. I found the problem in this picture. when I connect Microsoft Office and RMS Server. Please help to suggest.

    Sunday, March 22, 2015 7:29 AM

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  • Hi MasterBird,

    Cause: Most likely there is an untrusted certificate or a certificate revocation list (CRL) cannot be resolved. If there are any warnings when using Internet Explorer to browse and access the AD RMS "pipeline" URLs , then Office applications will fail to be able to contact the AD RMS server. The reasons for this include the following:

    • Mismatched names such as if the certificate involved was issued for a different name than what is being requested
    • The certificate involved have expired.
    • The certificate involved from an untrusted authority. 

    Also, Microsoft Office applications will also fail if the CRL (Certificate Revocation URL) cannot be reached.  In this specific case, Internet Explorer might not provide an error or warning message.


    Resolution:  First, verify that certificate being requested matches the name of the one that is is being used to support the pipeline URLs and that it has not expired or been issued from an untrusted authority. While self-signed certificates can be used in test deployments for AD RMS, it is recommended they not be used in live production AD RMS deployments that have exposure to external networks or in Internet-facing configurations.  

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    Saturday, March 28, 2015 4:33 PM