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  • There is a known limitation in SSAS where only the dimension itself and user-define heirarchies can have an "All" member label.  There is a open Connect request with Microsoft to include this All label on each attribute in a dimension.


    Because that won't happen in SSAS 2005 (or maybe not in SSAS 2008 either?), we need a good workaround in PAS to display (override) the attribute column header name with the appropriate attribute name.


    For example, if I have three attributes in my Geography dimension, called "City", "State", and "Zip", at the All level for each of these attributes, PAS will display in the column headers: All Geography |  All Geography |  All Geography.  As you can see, this is not very helpful.


    I would like to find a way in PAS using the SDK to discover which attribute is on the report, and display it accordingly, eg.  All State |  All City  |  All Zip.


    Is this possible?





    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 12:45 AM


  • Hi Kory.


    The amount of time and coding necessary to do something like this would be huge.  Keep in mind that you would have to put in code to change those labels in every place that they show up.  This includes the Dimension Edit box, the grid, the chart, the decomp tree, etc.  There is no one 'magic' place to change the code and all the labels propogate to the right spots.  I can't even begin to start to determine all of the places where you would have to add code.


    I think a much more feasible workaround would be on the cube side.  If you want your Hierarchies to have this kind of labeling you should create a User Defined Hierarchy with a single level for the attributes in question.  This way you can put the All label how you want it and you won't have to make a change in PAS at all.  This solution is a lot simpler to implement than trying to code this up in PAS.


    Hope that helps.


    TJ Nelson


    Thursday, February 7, 2008 7:38 PM