App-V Shared/ReadOnly cache in RDS RRS feed

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  • Hello, just wondering:

    Why App-V RDS (readonly mode) clients must be booted after upgrading shared-readonly cache file to SAN. Many environments haves issues why RDS (Citrix) machines cant restarted in middle of production (working hours). Some environments have maintanance-windows once a week when this restart could be possible, but then it is too slow way to get new packages to production.

    So I hope this feature is notified when new App-V versions comes out. 


    To configure the App-V RDS Client on each RDS server in the farm to use the updated shared cache file, change the AppFS registry key FILENAME value to point to the location of the updated file, for example, \\RDSServername\Sharefolder\SFTFS_V2.FSD. This guarantees that each RDS server receives the updated copy of the cache when the App-Vclient drivers restart.


    Wednesday, March 30, 2011 7:05 AM