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  • We are currently attempting to create a web application in MOSS 2007 (April 2007 CU). The creation fails with 'Unknown Error'. There is nothing in the event logs. I have checked the SharePoint diagnostic logs and at the point of failure it states the below error. After this error the web application rolls back removing everything but the content database which needs to be manually deleted. The job that is being performed when this error occurs is the creation of the SPWorkflowJobDefinition (based on the events above the error in the diagnostic logs).

    Provisioning of the web application, SharePoint - 29589, has encountered the following error: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.     at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)     at System.Number.ParseUInt32(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSchedule.ParseTime(RecurLexer lex, Int32 lMonth, Int32 lDay, DateTime& dtTime)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSchedule.ParseWeekly(RecurLexer lex, DayOfWeek& wday, DateTime& dtTime)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSchedule.ParseRecur(String strRecur)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSchedule.FromString(String recurrenceValue)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPJobDefinitio...

    ...n.set_Recurrence(String value)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPTimerJobConfig.AddJobDefsForWssWebApp(SPWebApplication wa)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebApplication.CreateDefaultInstance(SPWebService service, Guid id, String applicationPoolId, IdentityType identityType, String applicationPoolUsername, SecureString applicationPoolPassword, String iisServerComment, Boolean secureSocketsLayer, String iisHostHeader, Int32 iisPort, Boolean iisAllowAnonymous, DirectoryInfo iisRootDirectory, Uri defaultZoneUri, Boolean iisEnsureNTLM, Boolean createDatabase, String databaseServer, String databaseName, String databaseUsername, String databasePassword, SPSearchServiceInstance searchServiceInstance, Boolean isPaired, Boolean autoActivateFeatures)

    I have attempted the following actions without success:

    - Confirm all permissions are in place
    - Retract all deployed solutions and re-try
    - Change web application inputs (name, port, auth method, app pool account, etc)

    There has been no customisation to the enviroment (all out of the box). Any ideas?

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012 3:23 PM

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  • Hi Chris,

    Why dont you try restarting the services of SharePoint in services.msc as well as do an IISREST/ALL if the first one doesnot help.

    What i feel after seeing the job is that the Timer Service has got stuck at some point. Please restart the service and let us know if you are still facing the problem.



    sharath kumart shivarama

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012 5:49 PM
  • Hi Sharath, I have already attempted an IISRESET and restarted all SharePoint services. Neither resolved the issue. 

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 1:33 PM
  • Can you confirm that Central Administration Site is working properly ?

    Talib Ali Khan | SharePoint Specialist | MCTS
    \-Live Your Dream-/

    Monday, April 9, 2012 9:05 AM
  • Hello Chris,

    Please goto IIS and then web.config file of the central admin. And make the custom error On and CallStack as True. And again try to create the web application. you will find error then. Please post that error so that we can check what's happening.

    Thank you,


    Monday, April 9, 2012 1:16 PM