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  • Everyone,

    I am currently attempting to find a work around that will allow me to leverage a single WDS/MDT image for all of my PC hardware. At the moment, my biggest hurdle comes from hardware manufacturers that are not properly labeling their hardware. 

    My company has a decent mixture of traditional OEM PCs (Dell, HP, etc.) as well as consumer level PCs with a variety of components (ASUS, Intel, EVGA, etc).  The issue I am faced with is getting the proper identification information from the consumer level hardware using the standard 'wmic csproduct get name' command.  

    If I run the 'wmic csproduct get name' command, several of my components return vague identifiers like System Product Name or OEM. Obviously, this is not ideal as it does not uniquely identify the hardware.  In an effort to find a solution, I discovered a suggestion to use the WBEMTEST utility in another thread but sadly, the results are the same - System Product Name or OEM appear in those locations.  However, a thread on suggested the use of 'wmic baseboard get product' which actually returns uniquely identifiable data. 

    As I understand it, WDS/MDT uses the wmic csproduct get name command to identify hardware during the image deployment process. This leads me to question

    • Whether WDS/MDT can be modified to also use the 'wmic baseboard get product' command if the results of 'wmic csproduct get name' return data that is unusable, or
    • Whether the results of 'wmic baseboard get product' can be used in lieu of the results of 'wmic csproduct get name' 

    Any feedback the community can offer will be greatly appreciated.  I know this is not the first time this issue has come up but thus far, I have not found a single solution or workaround that adequately resolves the problem short of buying hardware from manufacturers that know what they are doing.  

    NOTE: I originally included a screenshot and supporting links but the site disallowed their use.  Sorry about that.

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