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  • From time to time there is a real need to refresh our development and/or testing systems with data from production. This can for example be for cases of testing new Business Intelligence solutions that require up-to-date data or testing new CUs.

    Up until now we have used the 5 database attach method that has some drawbacks (lot of manual work afterwards), but has worked pretty well. The big disadvantage of this is that since this includes the SharePoint content database it overwrites everything we have developed for the Business Intelligence Center. For Excel and SSRS reports we can resolve that by uploading correct testing reports from development code, but for PerformancePoint content this does not seem to work. Dashboard Designer will just give an error that items are not there anymore. This is probably because of changed GUIs.

    We therefore now want to look at a method where we restore the 4 project server databases and use the Playbooks tool to import the configuration. If anyone have done this regularly we would pleased to here what your experiences are. But one question we have in particular is this:

    The Playbooks tool allows for backup of restore of Server Settings -> Project Sites. The question is how exactly this works. We assume it does not copy the actual Project Sites and the contents of these and we can live with not having all the content on these.

    But what happens with the Project Site Addresses?
    Are these overwritten with the Site Addres from production system?
    Or does it use the Site Provisioning settings that are configured on the development/test system?

    Any information that can be shared on this would be very helpful to us and hopefully others.

    Regards, Stig

    Regards, Stig

    Friday, November 2, 2012 1:40 PM


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