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  • Gentlemen,

    I am having problems starting my Hyper-V virtual machines. When I start the virtual machine I get the following message. Click for the full-resolution picture
    However, all the three Hyper-V services are running:
    Here 's the output of the net start command

    C:\Users\ExoticHadron>net start
    These Windows services are started:

       Application Experience
       Background Intelligent Transfer Service
       Base Filtering Engine
       Certificate Propagation
       COM+ Event System
       Cryptographic Services
       DCOM Server Process Launcher
       Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
       DHCP Client
       Diagnostic Policy Service
       Diagnostic System Host
       Distributed Link Tracking Client
       Distributed Transaction Coordinator
       DNS Client
       Function Discovery Resource Publication
       Group Policy Client
       Hyper-V Image Management Service
       Hyper-V Networking Management Service
       Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management

    <cut off>

    Also, I am 1000% sure both my motherboard (Intel DP35DP) BIOS and CPU support Intel VT. See specs for Core 2 Duo 6550 and this table.
    Moreover, Hyper-V worked for me like a dream in its RC1 stage (with XD enabled). Currently I am running the final build (I have installed KB950050 update).
    Intel VT and Intel VT Directed I/O are enabled in BIOS. Intel XD Execute Disable Bit is however disabled in BIOS. I have to disable this feature as VMware causes BSOD when both VT and XD are enabled. For some reason, I have both Hyper-V and VMware to run in my environment.

    As far as I can see it cannot work with XD disabled. At least Hyper-V Manager says that hardware execution protection should be enabled. I believe XD manages this thing. Right?
    OK. Why then all Hyper-V services run smoothly? It's kind of confusing when everything 'seems' to work smoothly when it in fact I can't for known reason. I may be reasonable to specify this behavior in help/kb or somewhere. Currently it's pretty close to a situation where you sit back in a shiny new Ferrari with all gauges reporting the sytsem is running, the engine is runnig but when you press the clutch the car just doesn't run.

    Heck I like the Hyper-V soooo much. It's so pity it's always so hard to start using it or start using something virtualized within it. After all I would say Hyper-V has probably the easiest experience than all other virtualization technologies. But it still greatly lacks a good documentation/online help. Currently the online help looks sort of sarcastic. It's all 'press start to start' whereas the main question is why you need to press start and not lauch or boot or something. For me it's almost useless not to say it's somewhat embarrassing.

    Thank you.

    Somebody may wonder why not to stay using one virtualization technology. Well, there are some reasons for me to do that and one of the biggest is that some relatively old but critical software doesn't work with Hyper-V whereas it works fine with VMware. However, I can run as much as twice as more VMs in Hyper-V than I can run in VMware. Maybe I'm using improper VMware, maybe I'm using an improper Hyper-V, maybe it's me who's the improper one in this chain... but heck... who cares! I just want the things done.
    Oh, vitualization...

    Moreover, I am still optimistic about attacting my boss on my 'Microsoft addict' side. I just love the idea of Hyper-V. And I am still trying to make him see the use of Hyper-V. But can I do that if I face with problems as this? My boss just says 'hell with your hyper-v. We don't need it, it just doesn't work whereas VMware just works'. I know he's sort of VMware addicted (at least VMware crashes when you have VT enabled and it also doesn't run x64 OSes). But there's some truth in what he's saying - all of our software work okay in VMware.
    Oh, Hyper-V

    Don't you hear my call
    Though you're many years away
    Don't you hear me calling you
    All your letters in the sand
    Cannot heal me like your hand

    Kind regards,
    For my life, still ahead, pity me.

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  • Hi,

    The services are not directly related to the XD bit. But the Hypervisor itself is addicted from the XD bit. You have to enable XD again and Hyper-V will work fine. It's like your Ferrari: The car is ready, but you have no key to start it.

    BTW: If you need to use both solutions (Microsoft & VMWare) you also should use two different hardware servers.

    Peter Forster, MVP Virtual Machine, Austria
    Thursday, August 7, 2008 5:38 AM
  •     As Peter said, you can't install and run VMWare and Hyper-V on the same host at the same time. They are not compatible.
    Thursday, August 7, 2008 7:57 AM
  • Thank you all for your answers. Now it's clear to me what should be enalbed to make the hypervisor work.

    //Nope, Peter, the analogy with a key doesn't fit here as you won't get engine running unless you have a key. In our case however you have the engine running without a key. As you do not expect it from a car, similarly you don't expect this from the product. That's pretty OK and I understand this is by design. But it requires some little crarification made in help I believe.

    By the way, is there any info out ther that describes what XD is used for (in hypervisor I mean). Also, it would be interesting how Directed I/O is used.

    Thank you. 

    Thursday, August 7, 2008 8:52 AM