CI mapping / application dependency mapping questionnaire


  • I have a question in terms of application dependency mapping / ci mapping. 

    I'm looking to develop an initial questionnaire to provide an initial baseline of application dependency mapping ci mapping.  An overall focus I sought is “simplicity”.  In that, start out with simply architectures and be more detailed later on (clustered services / load balancers etc..).  Initially document only the direct dependencies with an overall strategy to document the dependencies of the dependencies, and build a complete picture of all the dependencies in the environment. 

    This is what I propose we give to an application analyst:

    1.  What servers does it run on?
    2. What other software does it need?
    3. What support staff (analyst, admin, etc..) does it need?
    4. Who needs it?

    This proposal was brought back to the drawing board and I understand I also also need to know how the application is delivered (Web, Citirix, SaaS, Server, Local install, or multiple delivery options).  Also, the questions will vary based on how the application is delivered.  For example if the application is web based, what is the URL to reach the app, what is the security model (for example does it use local security, integrated with AD, etc.).  What about databases the software needs?  Are there other servers that the app depends on like an IIS server.  That is somewhat covered in your question 1 but need to ask more specific questions. 

    Anyone have any ideas??

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