Linking Cells from Excel --> Excel or Sharepoint --> Excel in SharePoint RRS feed

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  • I am trying to link start and end dates stored in a MS Project 2007 .mpp file to cells in a 2007 Excel .xlsx file. I want to be able to update the dates in Project and have then automatically update in Excel. Additionally, I want to be able to enter "% Complete" in Excel and have this information automatically update in Project.

    Locally, this can be acheived by copying a cell range and right clicking "Paste Special --> Paste Link." It also works when I first upload it to SharePoint. I upload both documents, open them, and create the links. I am able to change information in one file (either Excel or Project) and see the updates in the other file (Excel or Project).

    Once I close and save the documents, this functionality breaks. When I first open Excel, I am prompted to "Enable" the linking again. Once I do this, all of the information being pulled from Project turns into "#REF." When I check the links, they are exactly as they should be. They look like this: =MSProject.Project.9|'[company info - redacted]/Shared_Documents/2012_document.mpp'!'!LINK_18'

    Additionally, the link in Project is broken and prompt me to repair and eventually times out.

    Note: I do not know the version of SharePoint we are on, but I suspect it is 2007. I will find out forsure when our admin gets out of a meeting.

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    Wednesday, September 26, 2012 3:30 PM