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  •     I recently started my computer (2 days ago) to a loud grumbling from the hardware, which is unusual but not a first.  When Windows 7 loaded, no programs would open due to "lpk.dll is missing" error message of the sort which I can no longer replicate.  At the time my folders were accessible, but I never attempted to visually delete the already existing lpk.dll file and replace it with the new, clean version.  I did attempt to "copy" it in the command prompt, but permission was denied because lpk.dll was "in use". I shut the computer off to come back at a later day.  I had tried System Restore and the likes and nothing worked.

        Today the computer will not boot to Windows 7, though it does allow me access to the System Recovery Options screen.  I have a system image which was created four months ago, and need to transfer only one file from my current program files.  Anything else I lose in the restore is chunk change, but this file is essential.  I know the path to where I would like to move the file but am having difficulty accessing the actual file itself. Here are some details and efforts I have made already.

    Command prompt launches in X:\Windows\System32.  I have attempted to find Program files in the X: drive, where I assumed it would not be, and it is not.

    I can access every directory of every USB I have, but when attempting to access C: dir, I am given this error message:

        Volume in drive C is SYSTEM RESERVED

        Serial Number is XXXX-XXXX

        Directory of C:\

        File not Found

    I have referenced Windows support pages on this and have attempted to use cacls to gain permissions.  When I type

        cacls "<var>driveletter</var>:\System Volume Information" /E /G <var>username</var>:F

    I receive this message

        "cacls" is no recognized as an internal or external command.

    Forum searches are no longer helpful as I am now too far down the rabbit hole.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.

    Sunday, October 20, 2013 4:35 PM