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  • this is a 2 part question.  we are both have to deal with the Project 2013 web app.

    question 1:  I was looking through the task list, and when a task is first assigned, the link is blue and there is a little *new near it.  once clicked on, the new goes away and the link becomes purple.  this is all great, however, when a task that has already been looked at is changed, there is no real indication on a users task list.

    is there a way to re-add the *new tag, or make the link turn blue again.  or just something to indicate that the task has been moved/changed in some way?

    question 2: is there a way to make the task list show more then just the task name itself, under the project header?  I have had some people ask to have the full path to each task show up, since their projects have some same named tasks that differ by what summary tasks they are under.  (i.e  display summary 1> sub-summary 2> task name.   instead of just task name)

    Thursday, December 11, 2014 9:05 PM

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  • HI,

    Answer1: this indication is Project/PWA default behavior of indicating about any impact this new task has created within a project plan. However there is no way to retain this through out the project. Also what i can see from your question is that you would like to keep the audit trail of your project to know who/when any changes within a plan has been made? In this case, there is no OOB mechanism is available. you need to go with a customization option.

    Answer 2: Unfortunately the sample of task name you have shared above cannot be completely achieved without custom SSRS report.

    but you can use WBS or outline number field in your project view to display hierarchy of task along with task name to differentiate between tasks having same names.

    Additionally, you can create task level custom field to record some kind of comment for each task, that can also help.

    hope this helps. 

    Khurram Jamshed - MBA, PMP, MCTS, MCITP ( Blog, Twitter, Linkedin )
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    Friday, December 12, 2014 1:32 AM
  • That was what I thought was going to be the answer.

    for the first one it just would have been very useful to have some indicator about what task has changed so I can quickly find it (say one of my assigned tasks changed from being due Friday to being due Wednesday).  if i click on the task, there is a history that will quickly show what changed.  Its just that the default email that is sent out does not have links (just task name) and if a lot of changes have been made, it could be easy to miss this change.  it would be a lot easier to spot if the task  in the list "refreshed" with a change tag or something, so I can quickly see what to click on.

    as for the naming thing, the WBS and outline number fields would work, but I dont think there is an OOTB way to get them to display in either the task list, or the update email, correct?

    it could also be solved by telling everyone to just add a bit more differences to each task name, but that feels like not the most elegant solution

    Friday, December 12, 2014 2:18 PM