none won't recognize or open attachments on Win 10 network RRS feed

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  • I had originally posted this question to the Microsoft Community, and was directed to this forum by one of the respondents.  I am not an IT professional, but need professional direction.  The question posted was:

    "We use in part to reference and print technical drawings while away from our admin office.  We previously used Skydrive with Win 7, and everything worked perfectly.  We then converted to Win 10 and OneDrive.  Since converting to Win 10, we cannot open email attachments from anything Win 10-based.  This applies to 2 new Lenovo ThinkCentre's in the office and one older Dell XPS in an off-site office.

    All three PC's are maintained regularly, are set to auto-update and have the latest MS service updates.  All three PC's have updated Edge, IE 11.321....., Chrome and Firefox (cache's have all be repeatedly cleared, this seemed to be a popular suggested fix when working with a local copy of Outlook) and none of the browsers will open any attachments.  Oddly enough, our iPhone 6's will open and print the attachments perfectly well from either logging in on Safari, Chrome or Firefox as well as from using the Outlook app.

    We will occasionally, but not consistently, get error 404, which is a server side error code.  We have found a workaround; choosing the "Download to Personal OneDrive Account" copies the attachment(s) in question to the One Drive Email Attachments directory, from which we can open and print the attachments with no problems.  While the extra steps involved in making it work are not egregious, we would prefer have the program/app work as it seems to have been designed to do.

    Any direction or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Monday, November 7, 2016 1:37 PM