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    I did do some searching as Hyper-V 2012 seems to offer a lot more functionality than 2008 and right now we are an SMB provider with two customers on SBS 2008. I was seeing about doing something or finding a way to replicate to virtual in the event that their server went down? I did find this thread which points to using a tool Disk2VHD offered from Microsoft, but it looks like you cannot do this on a daily basis and or do it over WAN/LAN.... I understand Hyper-V is meant more for replicated already exsisting VM's and not so much physical. 

    Also, if this were to work out, where or how would we get machine's to point at a datacenter or back to us so they can at least be up for some time while we figure out what to do. They are using cloud backup solutions... but nothing for instant failover or disaster recovery... Has anyone tackled this yet? It makes it all the more trickier considering it's not in a LAN environment.... 

    Friday, February 01, 2013 6:15 PM


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    It is not exact clear what you are trying to achieve. The post you are referring to is about converting a physical server to a virtual, this can indeed be done by using the disk2vhd tool.

    But if I got your question right you would like to do this for disaster recovery purposes so you have a copy of your server on an offsite (datacenter) location. So you are right this tool is not designed for this puspose, of course it might work and maye you could script something to do this but if you need to do this over a WAN link it would be to much data.

    So if you want something for disaster recovery which uses replication, you might take a look at Hyper-V replica. It is a new feature in Windows Server 2012 and is designed for disaster recovery over WAN links. Only thing to keep in mind it is only for virtual machines on a Windows Server 2012 Host, so no physical machines. You might consider virtualizing your SBS 2008 server to a virtual machine on a Windows Server 2012 Host (this may also be the free Hyper-V Server edition)

    Ofcourse there might be a NO go situation because I do not know if the HYper-V replica function is supported for SBS 2008 (or even 2011) I read some posts it is not supported for Exchange so this might be something to verify.

    More information about Hyper-V Replica read here: and more detailed here:

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    Thursday, February 07, 2013 12:10 PM