Phase One Joins and Data Matching

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  • Wow! Good job!
    Peter Geelen - Sr. Consultant IDA (http://www.fim2010.be)

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    Thursday, June 3, 2010 11:07 AM
  • Nice article Carol!

    One thing I'd like to add about initial breadcrumbing is that you don't always need to do it with ILM/FIM.

    I've found it sometimes easier and faster to push the breadcrumb attribute to target system *before* joining data with FIM. The matching can be done in Excel and the results are saved to accounts in target system without ILM/FIM. This way you can use the simple "employeeID = employeeID" join rule straight from the beginning with FIM and there's no need for temporary coding work.

    This approach doesn't fit to all scenarios. There needs to a place for the breadcrumb in target system and means to save it (AD:Powershell, LDAP:LDIF, SQL:SQL query, through GUI, etc.). I'm also assuming that the new entries are created through FIM after the migration so that the breadcrumb is added automatically to new accounts.

    The beauty of this approach is that ideally you can "outsource" the matching and breadcrumbing to system owner and use the saved time on ILM/FIM implementation.

    Lari Savolainen - Sr. Consultant IDM/IAM (www.panoramapartners.fi)
    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 8:50 AM