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    We are looking for a way to automatically copy (not move) incoming and outgoing emails to a specific public folder, based on a text string in the subject line. The idea is as follows:

    1. We have project numbers, for example abc16001, which we can type in the subject line of our e-mails.
    2. In our internal public folders, we also have folders with the same project number, in this case abc16001.
    3. When we send an e-mail with abc16001 in the subject line, we want this email to be copied into the corresponding public folder.
    4. We also want the same to happen with incoming emails which have the same project number in the subject line.

    We do not want to create rules for this because there are too many projects (so too many rules to manage).

    Any ideas? Or is there a CRM which can easily keep all project-related emails together?


    Monday, September 25, 2017 12:16 PM

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