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  • I have created a basic batch file with msiexec.exe to uninstall a program on startup and then another separate .bat script to install the same program but the newer version. The software I'm referring to has to be completely uninstalled BEFORE I install the "newer" version of the same program, it cannot just be overwritten. If I run a gpupdate /force on the client computer and restart, the scripts run as they are supposed to and everything works but the problem is that I can't get it to run on first boot on a computer that has been turned off for months, even after multiple reboots it still doesn't run the scripts. The 3 policies apply to the different computers/users but the scripts don't run. I manage a theme park that is only open 4 months of the year so the rest of the time the in park PC's are turned off. I have created my OU as "POS Computers & Users" which has all of the computers and users that will take this policy. I also have 3 Group Policy Objects attached to this OU in Group Policy, 1 is the program uninstallation .bat script policy that runs on startup, 2 is the install .bat script policy that runs after the uninstallation script, and 3 is the Default Policy for the OU. I already have the "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon", "Run startup scripts visible"enabled, "Run startup scripts asynchronously" disabled, and "Run Logon Scripts Synchronously" enabled for all 3 of the policies. They are all "link enabled" and security filtering is set to only the OU I mentioned earlier so that it doesn't affect anyone else. I have the link order set as the script I want to run first as the last and the one I want to run last first because from what I understand inheritance is from bottom to top. The install file is accessible by everyone with full permissions on our "Shared" drive so I know its not a permissions issue because it runs after a gpupdate /force with a restart. The scripts are in the proper folder for the policies they are attached to and permissions are fine.

    Here is my uninstall .bat script (msiexec.exe /X{14324A6A-BDD1-4F40-8E77-664C8AEEA251} /forcerestart /qb-! ALLUSERS=1 REMOVE=ALL)

    Here is my install .bat script (msiexec.exe /i {\\kksrvad\shared\Gatemaster\NewGatemaster.msi} /qb ALLUSERS=1)

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015 10:48 PM

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  • Can't be done in a login script.

    This is a Group Policy issue and not a scripting issue.  You do not have a script.  You have a command saved in a batch file and you are using a GPO.  Not a scripting issue.


    Thursday, March 12, 2015 12:33 AM