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  • I have a MA through which data is imported to fimportal. This is just one time load and I would like to delete the MA as it is of no use anymore. The data in FIM should not be deleted when this MA is deleted. Should I just mark "Donot recall attributes" and then delete the MA?
    Monday, December 19, 2016 9:28 PM

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  • Let's double check a few things:

    1) the MA you want to delete is no the "FIM MA" that talks directly to the FIM Service but rather an MA that you used to load things into the Metaverse and from there went to the Portal. Is that correct?

    If so then deleting the MA is the way to go but keep reading. If not then don't delete the MA.

    2) I presume that the Metaverse attributes populated by this MA might need to be changed someday by the FIM Portal or something else.

    • If so then you should ensure that every attribute has an import attribute flow or inbound sync rule flow on it that has higher precedence or equal precedence.
    • Otherwise it might be impossible to change those values without deleting those MV objects.
    • You see even after you delete an MA FIM still remembers that MA with GUID such and such wrote those values, and it won't let flows of lower precedence populate those values, even after the MA has been deleted. And after the MA has been deleted there is no way to get those attribute flows ranked lower than the others.
    • So please ensure that you have another way to populate those attributes and that those have higher precedence.
    • Once you have done that then you should mark Do not recall attributes.
    • But don't delete it yet -- double check the MV object deletion rule to ensure that you won't delete the MV object when it is disconnected from that MA.
    • Test that everything is working properly by disconnecting one MV object from one of these connectors from the MA to be deleted.
    • Don't delete it yet -- stop the FIM Sync Service and make a backup of the database
    • Restart the FIM Sync service
    • Make a snapshot of the Statistics report from the Tools menu.
    • Now delete the MA
    • Look at the statistics again if your MV object count went down or you have a lot of pending exports somewhere you might want to restore from your backup and re-evaluate.

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