Problem having XP & Vista co-exist on my home network RRS feed

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  • I have had a home network running for some time now. I have 4 PCs, 3 of which are using Windows XP Pro and one Windows 98SE. I have been able to share printers and folders among the various PCs in the network.
    Recently, I added a new Windows Vista Home Premium box to replace the 98 PC. I am able to connect it to shared network resources, such as my color laser printer. [That is something of a problem, since it seems to take up an unusually large amount of resources, so the printer  (w 64MB of memory) sometimes crashes when a send a job to it from the Vista box.] I can also connect to shared folders on the other PCs, to eliminate sneaker net. The REAL problem, though, is that I can't share folders or printers on the Vista PC to the XP machines.
    I have read some articles about the increased security levels in Vista, and know that it is somehow connected to this. However, I have seen conflicting resolutions. Some talk about changing network security settings on the Vista PC. Others talk about hacking the registry. I don't really want to touch my registry. What is the recommended resolution?
    Tuesday, June 5, 2007 7:43 PM