Am i supposed to get limited results from windows search? RRS feed

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  • I ask this because many times when i run a search,i do not seem to get all the results.This is most prominent in my music folder which has been changed a lot...however the indexing says that it's complete,which i assume means it does not have anymore to add or change for this folder.However it wasn't until i re added the folder with missing files that they actually showed up. I am not sure why the index can't just figure out when i change a folder to a large extent when it says it's monitoring my folders (i checked it SEVERAL times as i went and every time it said "indexing complete" until i forced it to remove and re-add the folder in question)

    Another issue I've had is with federated searches.I'm assuming it's because sites are cut up into pages...but is there any reason i cannot get more then 20 links on youtube? there's no "next page" option or anything...i assumed that federated searches could be used to actually search,and not preview the first page...

    am i missing something or is there a way to make Search more reliable when it comes to changing folders (which index doesn't seem to notice well) or federated searches?
    Wednesday, July 29, 2009 10:22 AM