Do MOSS SP 2007 requests for SMTP eventually succeed if an event 6857 happens during the request? RRS feed

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  • We have been seeing an increase in terms of the number of WSS 3 e-mail event id 6857 over the past 8 months. The SMTP admin tells me that the reason is that the number of requests for connections to the server have been increasing, and that once it reaches its limit, it refuses further connections until things have been  processed.

    My question is whether each time we hit this event, mail is being lost, or whether sharepoint tries again later to get the message passed.

    The only reported problem with email came from a developer of a Sharepoint Designer 2007 workflow, who indicated that when his workflow attempts to send mail, it gets an error about not finding an SMTP host and then stops, resulting in no email for his users.

    When I discussed this with the SMTP admin, he indicated that typically applications are written to pause and try to connect later when this error is encountered.

    So, does MOSS SP 2007 (service pack 3) continue trying to send alerts, workflow task assignments, and other email to users if the SMTP server is not available?

    Also, just out of curiousity, in the 12 hive logs I see the error regarding being unable to connect, but I do not see any details regarding what mail was being attempted when the event occurs. Is there a log for outgoing mail that sharepoint generates?

    Just to be clear - most of the time, there is no problem with SMTP connections and mail from SharePoint does arrive. These events - 175 during July - are a small number compared to the general use of the service.

    Thank you!

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