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  • I've been asked to create detailed project plans for internal use, but be able to show the client for the project more generalized, higher-level schedules presumably only containing certain items (e.g. only client and gate reviews). Clearly as the schedule changes and the project progresses I'd rather not have to hand-hack. I might be able to do it by using more levels of summary tasks, but that doesn't seem exceptionally natural. I'd think this would be a common situation for a project manager, so how do others handle it?
    Thursday, June 21, 2012 5:59 PM


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  • Hi,

    Mark the tasks you want to show by a flag field, and write a filter based on that field (probably without showing summary tasks)


    Thursday, June 21, 2012 6:37 PM
  • Agree with Jan.  I've also used some third party add ins to accomplish the
    same.  Chronicle Graphics OnePagerPro handles that kind of export/rollup
    very well.  (Full disclosure: I supported the tool at a previous client and
    am a bit of a fan.)

    Andrew Lavinsky [MVP] Blog: Twitter: @alavinsky
    Friday, June 22, 2012 12:49 AM
  • I agree with Jan.  We have had lots of success with filters and rollup flags.  The following is an example of what we can do in about a day.  We have a method that allows us to deconflict the dates above tasks so that it is readable.  Yes, those dates are rendered from the tool and are not fat-fingered into a text field.  The only thing graphically drawn in this example are the dependency swimlanes.

    Friday, June 22, 2012 11:01 AM
  • I have used Jan's answer for many of my clients.  Either create a filter for the Marked field or you can use the autofilter.  This will work on any level of MS Project.   Another use of this is some users only what to print selected tasks and this will filter out tasks that should not be included in the reports.

    Ellen Lehnert, MVP, PMP, MCT Training/Consulting/Author, Author "Managing Projects using MS Project 2010 desktop" courseware,

    Sunday, June 24, 2012 5:35 PM