• hi

    in the domain network, i have 5 pc client and 5 user with a A.D.

    The main issue that I want:  the user A login to pc-1 policy a set for her and when he login to pc-2 policy b set for her.

    what i do?
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  • > if user-A login to pc-1 then gp-a apply for her and if user-A login to
    > pc-2 then gp-b apply for her.
    Create your 2 GPOs and link them to the OU where the COMPUTERS reside.
    In a third GPO, enable Loopback "Merge" mode.
    Apply the following security filter to these GPOs:
    gp-a: "Read" for pc-1, "Apply" for Domain users
    gp-b: "Read" for pc-2, "Apply" for Domain users
    Loopback GPO: "Apply" for both pc-1 and pc-2
    Tuesday, December 1, 2015 9:40 AM

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