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  • I'm running Server 2008 in ESXi 5. I have a local domain controller in my house and it also handles the DHCP for my other computers. It seems that every week or so I end up losing my internet connection.  I have 2 NICS on the server one connecting to my router for an external address and the other connecting to a switch for my internal address in which the computers connect to, to get their IP addresses from the server. Something happens where my server, even though it shows its connected doesn't work when I load up a webpage in a browser. If I try and disable the External NIC from from inside Server 2008 it seems to freeze up and I have to reboot.  Now when the internet doesn't work I just reboot and once it comes up then the internet comes up fine.  I've tried changing from the physical E1000 to the VMXNet3 to see if that solves the problem and it doesn't.  I just think its ridiculous to have to reboot like every week. When I was running Server 2003 on a physical machine I never had this problem.  Any thoughts? I'm at wits end.



    Monday, August 18, 2014 8:15 PM

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