Wits End: Cannot update to 1607 because of SEP


  • I have spent dozens of hours trying to upgrade Windows 10 to 1607.
    I get to loading at 32% and it stops, telling me to remove SEP. I have removed SEP, but it seems to find more residual files. I have read through the web advice about removal of remnants, edited my registry, and looked for unwanted files. I have used wipeclean.

    Background: I ran SEP until my university stopped providing updates to retired professors.
    I deleted SEP 12. something months ago. Somewhere along the line I had to reinstall WIndows 10 because of problems installing Paperport. 
    I am now booting from C. My old boot drive is still in my computer as drive F; it probably held old installations of SEP.  I have looked for those files as well.
    Bottom line:  I cannot update Windows 10.

    Provide me with a current version of SEP that I can install (if possible), install Windows 10 and then uninstall SEP.
    Tell me any other way to get rid of this SEP nightmare. I used to like the program.
    Tuesday, February 28, 2017 10:11 PM

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