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  • I am an IT Tech at a DR office that has 65+ employees, each with their own user profile. I am having an issue that has dumbfounded me. If I have a user log into a paticular work station, it displays the desktop, email, and personal information of the person who is designated to that machine rather than the person who just loggged on. Now, anyone can log on anywhere, and it should have a defaulted generic windows desktop(factory set up) when you log into a workstation that isnt your native one. But with just this one machine, regardless of who logs in, the native user profile email, desktop, pictures, files, everything is loaded.


    Betty at her native worstation is out sick. Sallie uses Betty's PC. When Sallie logs in, she gets Betty's information instead of generic Vista desktop. Asks Peter to try to log in. Peter logs in and does the same thing.

    Betty can log into any workstation that is not her own, and it gives a generic vista desktop.

    Any ideas from anyone? At all? What could be causing this?


    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 7:20 PM