Printer Policy Issue!


  • Printer Server = Server 08 R2

    DC = Server 2012

    Client Machines = Win7

    Our environment consists of multiple branches each having their own branch server and DC. I developed a computer based printer policy to push printers via preferences. I was able to successfully use this policy to deploy printers so I simply cloned it for the remaining branches and changed the printers within each policy.

    The problem that I am running in to is that at some branches the printers are deploying to the machines but when a print job is sent it queues up on the machine but just errors out. It never seems to reach the print server. The weird thing is that I can push the printers via computer config>policies>windows settings>deployed printers and the printers deploy AND work correctly.

    I've tried just about everything. New drivers, removal of the all drivers (via registry) and reinstall....... It just seems like the printer is not communicating with the server???


    Friday, October 14, 2016 1:53 PM


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