Conditional Formatting for Excel in SharePoint RRS feed

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  • I have a weird problem with conditional formatting in Excel 2007 files saved in SharePoint.. 

    The input cells require the user to enter a date, "N/A" or "NS". Conditional formats are applied to the whole data range, so that NS looks different to N/A, and dates are colored Red >24 months old, Orange 20-24 months old, Green <20 months old, or blue if date <20 months but > a reference date (e.g. $A$6).

    Simple enough so far, and saved to my hard drive all works perfectly.

    Now, after saving the file in SharePoint, after a little while (seems to be after users have entered or changed some data), some of the CF rules have been copied, sometimes 20 or more times, and the formatting no longer works as it should.

    This is causing me major grief; users are relying on colors to indicate that something needs attention.

    Any ideas??? Right now I'm thinking I need to get the files out of SharePoint and into server folders, but this creates difficulties in limiting access.

    cheers, Alec

    Friday, April 5, 2013 4:01 AM