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  • Hi,

    Sorry for giving trouble here, but i have a problem which i cannot solve myself.

    Two days ago , I used Terragen (from http://www.planetside.co.uk), a 3d Landscape rendering software to render a picture, and I left my laptop running overnight with a fan accompanying it. This morning the software reported "An error has occured and Terragen needs to be closed" something like that. I just clicked the "Close program" button on the dialog box, and the screen halted there. I don't bother it, let it take its time, after i bath and eat and everything, about an hour after that screen remain that way, I start to doubt whether it can respond again. I try the "Num Lock" key which I usually used to test whether the computer still able to respond to me, and it tested negative.

    So, I shut it down forcefully by pressing the power button for few seconds and started the computer. After the post message, Windows Vista progress bar run as usual, and before the logo together with the startup sound came out, BSOD appeared. Therefore it restarted, and the same thing occurred. I tried for few times, failed, then I tried booting it with safe mode. When it came to crcdisk.sys, as usual, pause for a while before preceeding but this time, after it paused, the same blue screen appeared again. After few attempts with same results, I decided to use Windows Vista reinstallation disc bundled when I buy my computer.

    After the disc loaded, I tried the "repair my computer" link instead of the big button "install now". I chose my boot partition after it asked me to. Then it started to scan the computer startup for errors. When the progress bar just run once (which it usually run few times before fixing an error, if not showing options to repair) and the same familiar BSOD appeared again. I hope I can try to fix it before the last chance - format and reinstall windows.

    Yesterday, I tried to use ubuntu to boot my computer and found out my hard drive was still mounted due to improper shut down. Then I used windows reinstallation DVD to repair again, this time I cancelled automated repair and able to use command prompt to perform chkdsk c: /r and it successfully umounted the drive, thn I let it finish scan disk, I performed sfc /scannow but failed. I tried to boot my computer again, this time the previously BSOD message didn't appear, instead a blank BSOD appear in just less than one second before it restarted itself.

    The BSOD didn't show any information about anything or any file that caused the error. And I don't know how to get the minidump file since I cannot log into my computer.

    I tried to download Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) but failed at 160MB (16%) everytime, I don't know what is going on. I hope the file can be downloaded to my Windows Live account so that I can slowly download it.

    However, after posting this, i will try to think of and try any method to solve it while waiting for the answer.. ^^

    My computer spec:
    Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium
    Core 2 Duo T7200
    2.5GB RAM
    120GB SATA HDD

    Please help me. If possible I don't want to reformat my computer. I reformatted it two months ago, and I download all the updates using other computer, when it is ready, I installed all the updates on my computer, and it took me three days to finish installing the updates, which approx. 10 min per updates. Thanks.

    Thursday, September 17, 2009 5:36 AM