WINDOWS 8.1 BSOD Bad_Pool_Header RRS feed

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  • Recently upgraded to windows 8.1 from windows 8 . Started having bsod .

    DMP files are here http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6n9haa3z34a4gk/W8.rar

    I need help ASAP . Thank you guys in advance .

    Friday, April 4, 2014 7:39 AM

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  • Hi,

    All of the attached DMP files are of the BAD_POOL_HEADER (19) bug check.

    This indicates that a pool header is corrupt.

    BugCheck 19, {20, ffffe00000eb1150, ffffe00000eb1410, c2c0015}

    0: kd> !pool ffffe00000eb1150
    Pool page ffffe00000eb1150 region is Unknown
     ffffe00000eb1000 size:  150 previous size:    0  (Allocated)  File
    *ffffe00000eb1150 size:  2c0 previous size:  150  (Free ) *Io   Process: c0bad4330cb1b58b
            Pooltag Io   : general IO allocations, Binary : nt!io

    ^^ The pool block we're looking at within the pool page belongs to general IO allocations (*Io).

    0: kd> k
    Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
    ffffd000`25b52388 fffff803`4c50c4cf nt!KeBugCheckEx
    ffffd000`25b52390 fffff803`4c3205b9 nt!ExFreePoolWithTag+0x11ff
    ffffd000`25b52460 fffff803`4c322174 nt!IopCompleteRequest+0x79
    ffffd000`25b52560 fffff800`01de23b8 nt!IopfCompleteRequest+0x6a4
    ffffd000`25b52670 00000000`00000000 CLVirtualDrive+0x33b8

    ^^CyberLink Virtual Device driver appears to have overwritten the pool block and caused corruption given the fact that the bugcheck was called after the nt!ExFreePoolWithTag routine.


    Check for any CyberLink software updates (I'd link but it appears I cannot until I am verified).

    -- If not available, uninstall any/all CyberLink software ASAP for troubleshooting purposes.



    Monday, April 7, 2014 9:47 AM