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  • Hi,

    I posted this question over at the Microsoft Community and was advised to post it here. Appologies in advance if I'm at the wrong place.

    I'm trying to set up some project template with a set folder structure. Each department in the project has their own folder where they work and export to. But I would also like to have a Library folder that has links to all exported work. My initial idea was to use create shortcuts of all the export folders in the Library folder. The problem with this is that when I copy paste the parent template folder to create a new Project01, the shortcuts obviously still links to original template folder, not to all the export folders in Project01.

    I've also tried using Symbolic Links ( mklink /D Link Target) But when the Link and Target directory is complete (starting from D:\) I still have the same issue as with the normal shortcut. Is there a way of telling the symbolic link to use a parent directory. I.e. in stead of D:\Projects\Template\Work\Export to just say[Parent Directory]\Work\Export so that when I copy paste the template folder it changes the directory? 

    I realise my idea probably won't work as the Command Prompt would have any idea of where the Parent Directory is. That's kind of the important information I have to tell it, but if anyone knows a way to solve this (through Symbolic Links or with other methods), I'd be very grateful!!



    Wednesday, August 22, 2018 5:49 PM


  • Magnus,

    It sounds like you are talking about "generic" projects not related to Microsoft's Project application. Unfortunately this forum is dedicated to questions/issues about Microsoft Project, a project management application. I suggest you start with the following forum:



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    Wednesday, August 22, 2018 8:36 PM