Windows 7 pro 32bit + Kaspersky internet security 2010/2011 = fail? RRS feed

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  • Hey, new guy here.

    I just got win7 and though I'd use the same anti-virus system I've always used. KIS 2010.

    I checked with kasperskys forums and all I saw was people claiming it was fully compatible, even an announcement from kaspersky lab saying the same. So I installed win7 on my computer, installed KIS, rebooted and after hearing about how stable and good win7's supposed to be I was DUMBSTRUCK when I got a BSOD. Apparently Ndis.sys was the culprit. I rebooted a couple of times with the same result. Booted into safe mode and recovered, no problem.

    Maybe it's the version on my cd that's incompatible, I thought, I did buy it pretty early. Checked the kaspersky forums and saw that I could upgrade for free to KIS 2011.That one has to be compatible, checked the forum, yup.

    Installed KIS 2011(latest version from the webpage). BSOD. This time I couldn't even boot into safe mode, tried repairing, nothing. Had to format and start over.

    Third time i went with microsoft essentials just to be sure. But I want to use the system I've paid for. Now I've allowed win7 to download all the updates it could find, is there any point for me to even try again? Why won't KIS work like it's supposed to?

    Monday, November 8, 2010 12:56 PM

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