scheduling project is cumbersom with lots of project RRS feed

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  • Hi we have about 200 Projects that we wants to put in to Project server, not very complicated project mostly very streight forwards... we wants to see master project, so i am planning to create a master project and the way business proess we want to work is CSR creates the project and pulish and link them to master project, i schedule those project tasks and assign appropriate resources...

    i wants to do this in Master project & collaborate through PWA with team members...

    Scenario 1
    Team member for some reason delayed on task and have other lined up i am notifeid of that and wants to change in scheudle so its visible to every one... when i do that overallocation happens since other peojcts task also lined up in queue, so i am planning to set predecessor to each task in each project in master project - do you recommend this method

    please give more better idea how can we get our business process more easy so that cahgnes can be done easily and also reflect with all project in system and no overallocations happends

    Scenario 2
    we have currently Master, IT, DC & Production schedule in place, i wants to make master schedule for each one and populate them in Major master project or just create a task as IT, DC and Productio in master project and link project associated as sub task to their respected task.

    Thank you.

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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010 9:45 PM