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    We are building a product based on web tech (html, css, javascript). When our customers are running what we built in IE 10 they dont get the correct fonts or our icons that are font based. We can reproduce the error on our end by disabling font download in IE, but the customer have this set to enable and it still does not work. Everything else renders fine. We have checked the different zones (internet, intranet) and all have it enabled. Looking at the traffic, we can see that our resources are downloaded. Running in for example Chrome it works for them.

    Is there anymore settings they can change? 

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    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 5:31 AM


  • Hello Micke.

    Here's a very recent msdn thread which discusses a problem displaying downloadable fonts with IE10.  I replied there, so it is fresh in my memory.  Actually, that thread seems somehow incomplete.  I was watching for continued discussion there.


    In the example given there, the <option> dropdown incorrectly applies a the failover font, whereas its parent <select> uses the specified font.  I had experimented with it last week, and found that consistent (mis)behavior when the font-family is given in a url.  Even in an embedded data url.

    The following demo contains an embedded copy of the Open Sans font discussed in that thread.  It is encoded as a base64 data url.  The css entry also specifies Segoe Script at the end, as a failover.  Try viewing this with IE10 and see what happens.  Then compare with IE11, where the problem is fixed.


    I see you identified IE10 as having this problem, as in the link above.  Were you able to isolate the problem to a particular type of html element?

    Thursday, August 28, 2014 3:20 AM