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    Many other posts and questions on this topic remain open, so I want to share the solution I found to the problem.  We had run the Reset command to clear up missing downloads to our update (WSUSContent) files.  The Reset process never did finish after 6-weeks and 2 reboots to attempt to stop it.  The Reset command likely completed its work much earlier, but failed to update the WSUS Configuration Database that it is done.

    This procedure works in terminating the hung process in a Windows 2012 R2 environment, and it may work in others as you are simply changing one table field in the WSUS Configuration Database.  Use at your own risk, but the backout plan is as simple as changing the SUSDB Table entry back to where it was.  Please remember to commit your change to the database and reboot the server to complete the Kill process.

    Use SQL Server Management Studio to open your database.  It works for both WID and SQL.

    -          Instance name for WID 2012:    \\.\pipe\MICROSOFT##WID\tsql\query

    -          Your Instance Name will depend upon your version of Windows/WSUS

    In your database tables for SUSDB, look for the table called: dbo.tbSingletonData.  Right-click this entry and select “edit top 200 rows.”  In the Field “ResetStateMachineNeeded” change the value from “True” to “False.”  Make sure to commit this change – save the database.  Now, close all open windows and reboot your host. 

    Once the host comes back up, check your CPU usage which should now be normalized as the WSUS Reset should now be stopped.  Normal operation should resume which will probably be indicated by files now downloading from Microsoft, or you may force the synchronization to start in the main page of the WSUS Console.

    Brian Kunick


    Thursday, March 23, 2017 5:55 PM